We build intelligent B2B marketplaces.

Combining marketplace expertise with a sophisticated, highly customisable auction and trading platform, we build the B2B marketplace that's right for your business.
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Drive more sales.

Leverage existing sales channels while developing new digital relationships. Our intelligent recommendation engine matches the right buyers to the right products at the right time.

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Reduce your time to market.

Our component-based user interface, configurable feature-set and API library enable you to get to market faster with a customised service that meets your individual needs.

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Marketplace experience spanning across markets & around the world

What makes us different?

With a wealth of experience in B2B marketplaces we take a hands-on, consultative approach to technology. We get results.

Our flexible platform architecture enables you to quickly roll out a customised B2B marketplace that leverages B2C best practices. And with the ability to deploy powerful recommendation algorithms which learn over time, your marketplace will continue to evolve and improve.

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We were looking for a technology partner who could combine an agile approach to delivery, a modern technology stack, and a deep understanding of trading resolution mechanisms. Perfect Channel delivered on all three fronts.

– GDT Director, Eric Hansen

Our approach


It's crucial that our teams fully understand your marketplace before we begin building your platform. We'll work closely with you to establish the right balance of features, intelligent data analysis and ease of use.


By building a prototype of your marketplace we're quickly able to test feature and design decisions in a cost and time efficient manner. This feedback is then rolled back into the development process helping us to develop the platform that you're ready to launch with faster.


By constantly evaluating your marketplace using computer-based learnings our technology continues to get smarter and smarter. Our data-driven approach ensures that your online marketplace is always optimised.


We're always striving to add new features to give you a competitive edge in your marketplace. We work closely with all of our customers to continually enhance our digital roadmap to give you a competitive edge.

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