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[White Paper] The Power of Urgency in B2B Marketplaces

Don’t Delay! Don’t Miss Out! Act Now! That’s the language of urgency. It’s intended to cause potential buyers to suspend rational deliberation and buy without further thought. Creating a sense of urgency is widely used in B2C marketing, but it’s also a potent tool in B2B marketing, particularly for online auctions and other digital B2B […]

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[Article review]: The digital future of B2B sales

In order to investigate how much progress digitisation initiatives have made in sales Roland Berger and Google Deutschland conducted a survey of 2,745 sales managers at B2B companies in many industries such as electrical engineering, automotive, and metalworking. The survey:  ‘The Digital Future of B2B Sales was conducted in 2015, but the responses gathered are […]

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Liquidity, Product Type and Technology: 3 key considerations for determining the right online marketplace  

Trade Matching Landscape PerfectChannel blog

The benefits of an online marketplace are clear, significantly widening markets while providing sellers with higher margins. But, selecting the right auction or trading platform is key to maximising success, whether this platform is built in-house, or purchased pre-built. Many people believe that the correct platform is determined by the industry type, but the reality […]

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Building an efficient and fair commodities marketplace requires collaboration, and much less of the over-used term disruption

High-volume businesses dealing in homogenous commodities with stable supply routes can rely on traditional broker-led trading to achieve the best price.  But what about the other half of the commodities sector, whose products trade in smaller, more volatile differentiated segments, and for whom an irregular supply chain is a fact of life? The answer is […]

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[White Paper] The Electronification of Markets & Financial Regulation

In anticipation of the impending implementation of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFIDII) over the pasts few months we have provided some thoughts on our blog on how best to navigate the challenges, to maximise compliance while minimising the impact on the operational landscape. In the first article, we provided an overview of the […]

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Optimising your online marketplace requires the right online platform, an effective strategy, and patience

Marketplaces have existed since people first gathered in one place to trade items, and that basic characteristic of marketplaces—having to be located in a specific physical space—remained constant even as marketplaces developed in complexity over the centuries. But now that limitation is gone. Computer technology and the internet have freed marketplaces from their geographic restrictions, […]

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The Online Exchange Landscape: Regulation, Technology and Outlook Insights from Phil Bird, Perfect Channel’s CEO

This is a guest post by Patrick L Young, Chairman ‘Crossfire’ Panel at the 37th Burgenstock meeting hosted by The International Commodities & Derivatives Association This year’s conference looked at how the exchange, clearing and regulatory landscape is changing. In this post Patrick provides a synopsis of the Crossfire session which addressed a number of […]

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Satisfying global financial regulation with an online marketplace

We recently provided an overview of the key capital market reforms of MiFID II on the OTC markets. With some accompanying suggestions to help begin the planning process of how to best structure business activities around the regulation. Following on this commentary, we provide some insights on how an online auction based trading system can […]

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