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Is there a way to create better liquidity in the Derivatives Market?

This post was written by Jack Neicho, Business Development Executive at Perfect Channel. The Derivatives Market A derivatives exchange is a central exchange where people can trade standardised agreements of a specific quantity and quality of a commodity or financial instrument at an agreed future date. The derivatives market can be divided into two segments: Over-the-Counter […]

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Solving inefficiencies in the complex world of physical commodities

This post was written by Chris Scott, Business Development Manager at Perfect Channel. Historically the complexities of commodity sales and procurement have denied small holder farmers just returns for their investments who have, in many cases relied on middlemen to dispose (much to their detriment) of their farm produce. Characteristics of Commodity Marketing in Less Developed […]

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The impact of MiFID II’s regulatory framework on the OTC markets

Introduction There’s no doubting that the market has been anticipating the impact of the revised Markets of Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) since it was first announced way back in 2014. With 2016 finally seeing the release of the regulation’s wording – albeit with implementation not expected until 2018 – it’s time to examine how […]

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Five Factors to Consider for Creating an Online Marketplace

Here we focus on peer-to-peer marketplaces, as they may very well provide the single biggest opportunity for a successful online marketplace but also have the highest propensity for failure. P2P marketplaces start with the notion that most of your participants have the potential to become providers and consumers – or indeed both at the same […]

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Addressing the reasons why B2B e-marketplaces failed – Part 2

In part 1 we provided some insights into how five failures outlined in this article: Ten Reasons the B2B e-marketplaces failed’ can be addressed. In today’s post we discuss the remaining five reasons why B2B e-marketplaces failed including: underestimating the importance of long-standing relationships; cultural resistance; disintermediation; inadequate revenue; and irrational exuberance about the market […]

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