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Addressing the reasons why B2B e-marketplaces failed – Part 1

‘Ten Reasons the B2B e-marketplaces failed’ was an article written in 2009 that discusses why B2B e-marketplaces of the era failed. While these reasons still resonate today, we attempt to provide some insights into how these failures can be addressed. Note: The original author’s reasons (which are amended) are in italics. Our commentary follows […]

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Creating the ‘Perfect Channel’ for a secondary market for the P2P sector

Last week, we shared our thoughts on the benefits of creating an independent online marketplace for a secondary market in peer-to-peer (P2P) investments. In this post, Phil Bird, CEO of Perfect Channel discusses how Perfect Exchange – the company’s enterprise-level auction and trading platform can be used to create a secondary market in P2P investments. […]

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3 Key Elements to Kick-start a New Market

When you look around the world today there is no shortage of opportunities to create new markets.  Those opportunities exist in the realm of new products such as alternative energy or specialty commodities or in areas where long-established products are bought and sold through tightly managed processes. What is needed for those markets to become […]

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