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Increase marketplace conversions with integration

B2B online marketplaces are rapidly growing into a key component of all B2B sales. Gartner estimates a compound annual growth rate in the digital commerce platform market of over 15 percent from 2015 to 2020, and Forrester projects that B2B e-commerce will account for 12 percent of all B2B sales by 2020. (That projection is […]

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3 Key Elements to Kick-start a New Market

When you look around the world today there is no shortage of opportunities to create new markets.  Those opportunities exist in the realm of new products such as alternative energy or specialty commodities or in areas where long-established products are bought and sold through tightly managed processes. What is needed for those markets to become […]

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Tapping into the global marketplace

Marketplaces have existed since people first gathered in one place to trade items, and that basic characteristic of marketplaces—having to be located in a specific physical space—has remained constant even as marketplaces have developed in complexity over the centuries. But now that limitation is gone. Communication technology has freed marketplaces from their geographic restrictions, and […]

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