[White Paper] The Power of Urgency in B2B Marketplaces

[White Paper] The Power of Urgency in B2B Marketplaces

Don’t Delay! Don’t Miss Out! Act Now!

That’s the language of urgency. It’s intended to cause potential buyers to suspend rational deliberation and buy without further thought. Creating a sense of urgency is widely used in B2C marketing, but it’s also a potent tool in B2B marketing, particularly for online auctions and other digital B2B marketplaces.

When used correctly, urgency prevents delays in buying decisions—delays that often lead to buyers not converting. And urgency not only increases conversions, it can increase profit margins.

In Perfect Channel’s whitepaper, “Using Urgency to Drive B2B Marketplace Conversions,” we discuss:

  • The psychological factors that drive buyers to feel a sense of urgency—time, scarcity, social proof, and loss aversion
  • Specific tactics you can employ to create a sense of urgency in your B2B marketplace
  • What can happen when there is no sense of urgency
  • How to avoid common pitfalls when attempting an urgency strategy
  • The importance of genuine value in an effective urgency strategy.

Learn how to use the power of urgency to increase your conversions, prices, and profitably, regardless of the B2B marketplace model you use. Download “Using Urgency to Drive Marketplace Conversions” now.

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