Disrupting the 66 billion litre international dairy marketplace

GDT Marketplace built on Perfect Exchange

The challenge

Global Dairy Trade (GDT), a subsidiary of Fonterra Co-Operative Group, provides a reliable and transparent means for buying and selling dairy commodity products from around the world. Since its formation in 2008, GDT has developed into a truly global, multi-seller auction platform with annual sales of over 1 million metric tonnes of dairy products across a wide range of product groups. Today, Global Dairy Trade brings together over 650 approved buyers from more than 90 countries, with a range of sellers spanning Europe, USA, India, Australia and New Zealand.

GDT recognised an opportunity to complement its existing twice monthly Trading Events by creating a new online, ecommerce sales channel which would enable 24/7*365 trading opportunities for dairy products. GDT approached Perfect Channel as they were looking for an unusual blend of enterprise grade auction and trading technology and trading mechanism design capability.

The solution

GDT Marketplace has been built on Perfect Channel’s flagship auction and trading platform, Perfect Exchange. Perfect Exchange is a full feature, configurable marketplace platform which combines enterprise grade performance and a host of flexible trading and resolution mechanisms which maximise competitive tension and ensure compliance through price discovery.

Key Features:

  • Multiple trading models supported (Closed Tender and Fixed Price)
  • Advanced filtering and contextual search
  • In-app messaging and private comments
  • Ability to nominate which businesses are approved to bid on a listing
  • SSO integration with GDT systems
  • Integration with GDT’s Bidder Contracting Info, to determines shipping destinations and rates
  • Full API support for user and business management

The results

GDT Marketplace directly connects buyers and sellers and allows transactions of any dairy product, at any time.

“The introduction of GDT Marketplace will expand the quantity of dairy traded online, offering flexible 24/7 access to a broad range of high quality ingredients and speciality dairy products. GDT Marketplace directly connects buyers and sellers and allows transactions of any dairy product, at any time“, said GDT Director Eric Hansen in announcing the new service.

We were looking for a technology partner who could combine an agile approach to delivery, a modern technology stack and a deep understanding of trading and resolution mechanisms. Perfect Channel delivered on all three fronts

– GDT Director Eric Hansen

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