Does it matter where in the supply chain or value chain I am?

Our product and expertise is optimisation of price, which can occur at any point in the value chain, from initial production all the way to through to the end product. Some areas of the supply chain can get more value from our product, this is more related to specialisation, the number of buyers and / or suppliers capable of delivering a product, asset, inventory or service. We provide consulting services and have analytical tools to help articulate specific, quantifiable benefits or, indeed, to ratify that your current approach is optimal.

Does Perfect Exchange work in my industry?

Perfect Exchange supports the concept of Industry Verticals, where specific work flows, inventory attributes and buyer / seller behaviours are provided. Each vertical, like Base Metals for instance, can have separate categories of products, buyers, sellers and trading venues. If a vertical or category is not currently supported by our product then this is usually added, so Perfect Exchange works for your industry either out-of-the-box or as specifically configured for you then made available out-of-the-box.

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