Our Approach

You understand your marketplace. We understand how to make marketplaces work. Ensuring they are simple to use, liquid and safe.


We combine theory, analytical rigour and experience, working with you, to design your marketplace to optimally balance pricing and liquidity. Our business analysis and user experience teams map our platforms onto your marketplace and ensure that you have the correct balance of features and ease of use.

And our marketplace engineering team designs and model the right transaction and resolution mechanisms to keep your marketplace liquid with the right level of competitive tension.


Our development and infrastructure teams take the outputs of the design phase to configure the many features of Perfect Exchange to your opportunity. We build any integrations required to create a seamless and efficient operation.


We keep your marketplace safe. Your marketplace is always available, secure and our clearing and payment services partners ensure transactional integrity. Allowing you to focus on building your business.


As your marketplace evolves so do our trading mechanisms and features, ensuring that it always remains efficient. Perfect Insight’s computer-based learning capability enables you to leverage buyers and sellers’ preferencing data as well as trading behaviours as they emerge to constantly tune your marketplace.

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