Perfect Insight

From data ingestion to building powerful recommendations, Perfect Insight brings all your data together. The result? Less hassle, more control and data strategy that gets more from your marketplace. Fast.

An Intelligent Analytics Platform

Know and influence your buyers or sellers, optimise pricing
with Perfect Insight, the intelligent Analytics Platform
for your marketplace.

Predictive analytics and data mining

Use the dedicated Data Science workspace to prototype your own models and put them into production. Or let us build them for you. Enabling you to forecast prices and behaviour, segment markets and assemble pricing benchmarks and indices.

Buyer, seller, and inventory matching

Respond to market opportunities, increase sales and maximise expected revenue through multiple recommendations algorithms.

Match buyers, sellers and products algorithmically. Generate personalised marketing campaigns aligned to your commercial objectives.

Data ingestion and storage

Fast, reliable and secure, send your data to a single and secure location in the cloud. Once ingested your data will be indexed and multiple copies distributed across different machines, ensuring that your data is always safe and instantly available.

Integrated intelligent analytics

View and interrogate your transactions in real time. Use built-in models to forecast prices and behaviour, segment markets and assemble pricing benchmarks as well as indices. Match buyers, sellers and products algorithmically, which evolve over time through computer-based learning.

And there's more

Simple and responsive
user interface

Embeddable visualisations
and reporting

Drill through filtering

Easily searchable data

Self-service, build your own
dashboards and models

Multiple devices,
mobile ready

Strict security regime

Deployed and operational
within days

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