Our Marketplace Platform

Combining market-wide benefits with stand-out features that give your business a competitive edge.

Build your perfect channel.

No two organisations are the same which is why we’ve designed our proprietary platform to be fully customisable.

With a component-based user interface and configurable feature-set and API library we’re able to build the platform that’s right for you while also reducing your time to market.

Build your perfect channel.<br>Fast.

Drive more sales. For less.

Our platform enables you to reach new customers 24/7, globally across multiple devices. Our B2B recommendation engines will help you proactively upsell to existing customers.

And our self-service capability will enable you to do it at a lower cost of sales.

Drive more sales. For less.

Cater for B2B complexities.
With B2C best practices.

Our platform has been designed with the complex roles, product attributes, pricing and permissions of the B2B world in mind. However, none of the B2C usability best practices have been lost in the process.

From personalisation to intelligent search and filtering capabilities, your marketplace participants will quickly discover the right products to meet their needs.

Cater for B2B complexities.<br>With B2C best practices.

Evolve your platform.
Every day.

Your marketplace doesn’t stand still and neither do we. Our product roadmap is constantly moving forward to ensure that your investment is future-proof.

Our platform provides the flexibility to test and use multiple auction and trading mechanisms as trading intensifies and the dynamics of different inventory and buyers evolve. And our machine-learning capability ensures that it is continuously improving.

Evolve your platform.<br>Every day.

And there's more

Respond to your market. In real time.

View and interrogate your transactions as they happen. Use in-house models to forecast prices and behaviour, segment markets and assemble pricing benchmarks.

Scale with your opportunity. Confidently.

Trusted by regulated entities to operate their marketplaces, our platform has been independently tested to the highest standards. A secure, compliant, auditable and highly available platform.

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