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Collaboration through engineering,
design and optimisation.

Nobody knows your marketplace better than you do. Which is why we adopt a collaborative and hands-on approach to our services. By drawing on your marketplace experience combined with our B2B marketplace experience and expertise we build the platform that’s right for you.

It’s this level of human understanding that enables us to tailor our digital platform to meet your individual needs


Our auction and marketplace experts blend analytical rigour, in house frameworks and experience to design and model the right mix of trading events and transaction types to generate the optimal conditions for trade.

  • Vision & Strategy We analyse your current, or proposed, marketplace dynamics and work with you to generate a vision of your optimal online marketplace.
  • Engineering We develop, engineer and configure trading events and mechanisms for optimal price discovery.
  • Scenario Analysis We identify future risks, refine design and educate buyers and sellers about likely outcomes.


Our business analysis and user experience experts map your marketplace onto our platform capabilities to create an optimal customer experience.

  • Feature Configuration We ensure that you have the correct balance of features and ease of use.
  • Business Workflows We work with you to simplify and digitise your business workflows.
  • Integrations We capture and plan any integrations required with internal or 3rd party systems.
  • UX and branding We help you embrace best practice user experience while ensuring that your marketplace platform reflects your business and branding.


Focusing on B2B problems, our data science and machine learning experts use our in-house analytics platform to harness buyer and seller behavioural data, helping you understand and tune your marketplace.

  • Metrics We identify your market's KPIs and work with you to optimise them.
  • Benchmark Pricing We generate reference market prices for both buyers and sellers, allowing them to trade with confidence.
  • Forecasting outcomes We predict the likelihood of trades happening and expected prices, allowing you to make better decisions on when to trade and at what price.
  • Recommendations and matching We surface the right listings, to the right people, at the right time to keep the trade flowing.

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